Connect your online store with
PostPal API

Increase your online store sales by offering fast and convenient delivery


Fast delivery increases online store sales

Happy customers

Make your customers happy by offering fast delivery

Lots of

Doesn't matter if you need to send 1 or 1000 packages

Smart technology for
online stores

With simple integration you can offer fast and convenient delivery to your customers


Checkout at online store

Customer finds a product and pays


We send SMS

Customer gets an SMS with tracking number


Real-time tracking

Customer can track the delivery in real-time



Customer can give feedback about the courier

Happy customers

„It was really fast, just 14 minutes after buying”

5-tärni customer

„Amazing speed, and I love that I can track my delivery. Super!!!”

5-tärni customer

„Cool - I got the products faster then going to the store myself!”

5-tärni customer

„Unbelievable how fast it was, courier was great, thanks!!”

Lää customer

„20 minutes, I wouldn't even manage to go to the store myself in that time.”

5-tärni customer

„Really nice service and fast. And live tracking is cool.”

5-tärni customer

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